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2 Years and Growing Strong


2 Years and Growing Strong

Wow… We’ve been open for 2 years this month.

Its true we opened the doors in July but we didn’t let anyone sign up till August.  Justin Labrecque holds the distinction of being the first member.

It all started when Eric found this crazy web site where it would tell you what to do for exercise each day.  He roped in the 3 stooges and here we are.   Its been a fun road from coaching classes with 1 person in them to classes with 20.  Currently we have roughly 40 active members with a few “sometimes” folks.


I’d like to hear some stories from you folks about how “this” has impacted you.

– what was your first WOD

– did you throw up

-when did it stop hurting


-first DL and most recent lift etc

-first FRAN and most recent


2 year anniversary

Justin, Jackie, Geordan


1 year anniversary

Desi, Aubry, John,


6mo anniversary

Trey, Hope,


I’ll put a full list in the comments

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