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20 Day Nutrition Challenge at Healthsprout


20 Day Nutrition Challenge at Healthsprout

The 20 Day Nutrition Challenge… what is it?  The Challenge is simply to challenge you to take the next 20 days to identify areas of your life/diet that you could alter to improve.  Here are some examples:

  1. Reduce sugar in any form: For some it could be real sugar, for others it could be the glycemic load of the vegetables that you eat.  Do you see the dichotomy?  One person might be drinking 4 sodas a day, and it would be ridiculous for that person to start nitpicking their red peppers vs a green pepper.  But for that person who is eating rich glycemis load veggies all day, and missing out on the low carb, low glycemic load of the leafy greens, it would be a good place to start.
  2. Find value in the right kind of dairy:  I had taught no dairy is best for about seven years.  Arguing that Biblical dairy was likely sheep and goat.  Though, some historical reference suggests that is wrong.  So we slowly started adding a little dairy back in.  Pasture Butter, Pasture Cream (basically the rich fats from a grass fed cow).  Now we have added appropriate cheeses to that list and dairy products that actually offer some health benefits that you cannot get anywhere.  In short, this has really changed my mind to how to look at dairy.  Does Casein stink?  Yep.  Can people be lactose intolerant, yep.  So there are guidelines, rules and self assessments that must take place to really know where you are, but I would pretty much take the knowledge I have to full debate with any paleo preaching educator on the planet.
  3. Change your meat: figure out how to introduce healthier meats…  READ MORE

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