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2012 Goals – Lessons from a Sofge


2012 Goals – Lessons from a Sofge

So I guess the first question is “What is a Sofge?”  Well for those of you that don’t know, the male version of the Sofge is a lot like the Crossfit Garage Buddha except without the famous Buddha belly.  But he is bald like Buddha so that should be close enough.

Now 2 springs ago Bruce held a “Body Fat Challenge,” where anyone in the gym interested could put up $10, have their initial body fat measured, and the remeasured again at the conclusion of the Body Fat Challenge.  Bruce set up the competition and asked each participant what their goals were and what their plan was to achieve their goals.  Something very educational and interesting occurred.  Everyone who had a specific “plan to achieve their goals,” made excellent progress and lost a lot of body fat.  Nobody without a specific plan lost anything!!!  That’s right not only did they not achieve their goal, if memory serves me they didn’t lose any bodyfat at all.  Geordan even managed to gain a little.  🙂

So the lesson here,  is a goal without a plan to achieve the goal is probably a goal that isn’t going to be achieved.  So this year as we all state our goals and resolutions for the New Year, let’s put together a plan to help us get there.  So below post what specific measures you are going to take to achieve your goals.  If your goal is to train at least 4 times a week, then there really isn’t any need to have a specific plan since all you have to do is show up 4X a week, but if your goal is to drop 5% body fat, or improve your deadlift by 50lbs, then you better have a specific plan to get there.  So post your plan below, or if you need help tell us your goals and we can help you develop your plan.  Make 2012 the year you achieve all of your goals!!


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