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Andy McCann


Andy McCann

Andy McCann1973

Before crossfit: (1/2008)

Weight = 178#

Max pull ups = 3
Max Press = 80#
Max Squat = 190#
Dead Lisft = 205#
Fran = 20+min

with crossfit:
Weight = 175#
Max pull ups = 54
Max Press = 145#
Max Squat = 370#
Dead lift = 405#
Fran = 2:33min

I played sports my whole life. I even pole vaulted for Georgia Tech. I was the best they had, I was the only one they had. I didn’t last long because while pole vaulting is fun there is no future in it while there is a massive future for engineers. I played flag football with my fraternity brothers for 10 more years. I say all this to build the idea that I actually know my physical abilities. So when I went from fast pulling flags little white guy to missing everything in 1 season, I knew something was wrong. At 31 I fell off the cliff of ability and dropped to a new low.

Around then I also discovered adventure racing. So I moved sports and began the standard 2-3 hour long distance training cycle. This quickly grew old and time consuming. About this time Eric Richards asked me to try out crossfit. I resisted for a few months because I thought “there is no way that some silly workout could get me ready for a 30 hour race”.

A few months later I tried it and was hooked. I’ve been doing CF since 2008 as my sole training for all my sports and activities. I’ve done several 24+ hour adventure races using CF alone. While I don’t usually win, I do place well.

I use CF for sports and performance. I don’t care about my body weight nor my body shape. Its just a happy side benefit.


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