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Assisted WOD

Jennifer P will open a new assisted wod class

starting 9/7 for   M/T/TH 6:30pm

If you want in you must be on the schedule.  If you are not and you show up anyways, then the gym might not actually be open.  This assisted wod class time bumps into our normal class time.

For those in the 7:30pm class you can get there a bit early on her days to warm up and still WOD with the class.

Again assisted WOD times are very very simply extra time for you to use the gym.  There is no coach there.  The “leader” of that time might or might not help you.  Be prepared to wod on your own.  You have 1 hour.

Labor day – Monday 9/7

The 9:05am class is canceled.

The coaches may create a team event that day, look for another update.

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