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Boxjump T2B


Boxjump T2B

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Coach’s Choice (No Measure)

hit areas of body use in the strength/skill and WOD sections


Squat Snatch EMOM (10 Rounds for reps)

4 Squat Snatch 95/65 EMOM 10 min
SImply put a 4 for every round you make and the number of your reps on rounds you do not make.
If you miss a round, sit out the following round out to rest then come back in.

Scale to a weight that is doable for you to complete all ten rounds.


Box jump T2B (Time)

Box jump overs 24″
Toes 2 Bar
Get over the box without using your hands.

You do not have to touch the box with your feet or stand completely up on the box.

You may only use one box.

You may step up.

Cool down

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