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Chance Beam


Chance Beam


I ‘ve been athlete my entire life … well of some sort.  I came to crossfit last August 2012 and was incredibly reluctant and to be quite honest, intimidated by the whole thing….   My first day at the gym I met Andy and Justin.  I went through the intro workout…. that now has changed thanks to me and I basically passed out.  I remember Justin trying to sell me on crossfit and told him, “Save it as I can hardly hold my head up.”  I sat in the car outside for almost 20 minutes before I could drive home. LOL!!
I came back the next day with a blank check and said whatever it cost just let me know, as if I am that out of shape I need this.  As a coach myself, I had always want to get old, not old and fat!  I have always been a regular gym member.  I would go in, lift weights and run on the tread mill.  As the expression goes, “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.”  It was time to change!!
I viewed crossfit as these crazy people that just loved to work out and it was totally for the “young people.”  Last winter, I worked hard and started to make real progress thanks of Justin, Andy,  and Tim.  I took the summer off due to my busy schedule with my job.  I knew coming back in August it was going to hurt a little bit being gone for 3 months.
So before I started back I thought about taking a “before” picture to just see what would happen in 30 days.   For the first 2 weeks I ate pretty clean..  Ate protein shakes twice a day and 1 meal at night, with only healthy snacks of vegetable and fruit.  Last 2 weeks I have fell off the wagon a little bit in the fact that I have eaten pretty much what I have wanted after 2PM.  Protein Shakes for Breakfast and lunch.  On the weekends lets face it all beats are off – I like pizza, pasta and and Goobers (the chocolate covered peanut kind!)  Over all I don’t eat to bad but if I want it… then I’m going to have it….
So that is why I was so surprised by my results from the before and after pic.   I am 37 yrs old.  I am a self proclaimed whiner and crossfit 4-5 times per week.  I am nobody special and I am not some kind a gym rat!  All I can say is crossfit works!  Thanks to Justin, Andy, Tim and Matt for guidance, direction and patience.  The garage does an incredible job of creating an environment where we rally behind everyone, no matter fitness levels.  I believe that to be a direct reflection of Andy as he brings level of comfort to the gym that is encouraging to others as he shares his own struggles.

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