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Christmas Eve Morn – 9AM Team WOD


Christmas Eve Morn – 9AM Team WOD

The Details Are Here

Not just your typical Team WOD, this baby has all the pieces you love/hate to see:

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

In teams of four (or modified for other team sizes) with two guys and two girls per team:

  1. 20,000# Dead Lift
  2. 10,000# Ground to Overhead
  3. 100 Pull-ups (4-1 jumping pull-up sub)
  4. 1 Mile Run (4 people running 400M)
  5. 200M partner carry (two people need to be carried a total of 100M each)
  6. 160 Burpees
  7. 200 Double Unders (4-1 single sub)
  8. 100 Squats
  9. 100 Sit-Ups
  10. 1 Mile Run (4 people running 400M)
  11. 100 Pull-Ups (4-1 jumping pull-up sub)
  12. All weights and barbells used must travel 400M  (you will be given weight to choose from for your barbell activities, using the smallest and lightest combination of weights will benefit you here)

This WOD was done IN ORDER.

Team Results:

1. Wes, Andy, Adam, Jessie (all dudes) – 31:18
2. Eric, Phillip, Traci, Ernie – 32:48
3. Rick, Jamey, Kelly, John – 34:23
4. Bruce, Jerry Sr, Justin C, Julie – 35:10
5. Jeremy, Erin, Steve, Stefanie – 41:20
6. Parker, Parker and Associates – 42:05
7. Laura, David, Jamie, Steve – 42:23
8. Curtis, Aubrey, Lisa, Jerry Jr, Heather – 45:59

Awesome work to everyone!  For every new person who was here today, we would love to share with you the way our gym works.  Please email us at for a listing of upcoming intro classes.  We will return to our normal schedule after the new year.

Merry Christmas and God Bless to all!!

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