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Coach Ayse Story


Coach Ayse Story

ayse postToday’s Spotlight – Coach Ayse!

It is very hard to know where to start with such a dynamic athlete, and to keep it short. I think the key talent Ayse brings to The Garage is her understanding of the value of people – all people – and she seems to be able to invest in people almost effortlessly. Maybe it’s because she left Turkey at 21 and came here all by herself. That takes a good amount of courage. Maybe it’s because she knows what it’s like to have a lot of weight to loose, and she’s humble. Or maybe because she discovered her weightlifting talent as an older athlete. All of these events have molded her character to become the gift she is to all of us here. She will help you lift properly to avoid injury. She can help you with your diet and straighten out your metabolism. She will take the shoes off her feet and let you borrow if you forget yours. And, after you work hard, she will help stretch out your sore muscles.
Ayse is a former Chef, turned Olympic lifter. She has always been an athlete, and found The Garage three years ago. She started with CrossFit and eventually moved into lifting in 2014. She won The bronze medal at the Pan American Masters competition with at 75k lift. Her daughter and husband are her whole life, and she spends every minute of her free time enjoying them.
Thanks Ayse for all you pour into us! BBC already knows what talent she brings. All you CrossFitters struggling with your technique – come visit Barbell Club if you want to work on your Olympic Lifts. She will get you started on the right path, so that you can lift heavier and safer. And she will make you feel important while she does it!

Check out her website:

“When I die , I want to be remembered for how many souls I have touched, how many lives I have helped”

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