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Crossfit = marathon+?


Crossfit = marathon+?

I posted this on FB

From time to time someone will doubt that crossfit can actually create in you better long distance endurance.

“You only run 400m” they say.  “You only workout for 5min” they complain. “You lift weights” they cry.

Well let us here at the Garage give you 5 living examples of crossfit translating into ultra endurance.
Eric Richards (owner), Laura and David Battista (2+year), Curtis Cannata (1+year) and I (owner) use crossfit solely as our training regiment for something called Adventure Racing.

These races are kinda like a triathlon but in the woods with a map and compass and you go from check point to check point rather in a line or pre planned course.

We do these races (mountain biking, trekking, canoeing) for 12 to 24 hours.  When they shoot the gun we are off in the woods with minimal breaks for TWENTY FOUR HOURS.  and all we do is crossfit.

No we are not the best, but we dont spend multiple hours a day training, only 30min at most.  And we are definitely not the worst.  Typically we come in around the top 20%.  In some of the smaller races we’ve even won.

So when you are talking to the skeptic who says that “you can FRAN then do a marathon”, you say “I know 5 peeps at the Garage that do it as an appetizer (paleo of course)”.

It works.  Stronger, faster, longer lasting, quick recovery, not afraid to barf…. crossfit

– Andy McCann

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