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David Wallis


David Wallis

david wallis 1Today’s Spotlight is on David Wallis!

He might look like a big strong guy, and he is. But mostly he’s a kind softie that is always looking to help other people. Back in 2012, his New Year’s Resolution was “No more Excuses!” That year, in addition to skydiving and other various events, he signed up for several obstacle races even though he was pretty out of shape. He was not sure how he was going to get through them, but he knew it was time for a change. After his first Spartan Race, he learned about Crossfit and wanted to give it a try. Shortly after he saw a Groupon for The Garage, so he came in…On Memorial Day! He watched all of you amazing athletes grind out 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 air squats (some of you wearing weighted vests) while he attempted a 5 minute scaled “Cindy” work-out that left him completely exhausted. LOL!! Look at him now! He sure has come a long way in three years. I just spent a Saturday running a race with David. After every obstacle he completed, he turned around to help the person behind him. Every. Single. Time. He was consistently noticing/assisting others. I don’t think there are any limits to what he would do to help someone, not just during an event, but in his life.

david wallis 2He works at Home Depot Corporate, plays on adult rec-league kickball during the week, and enjoys park trips and trail hikes with his dog Oscar. Favorite Food: ribeye steaks, with grilled asparagus and a sweet potato. (I think he’s pretty serious about his food!) And finally…his favorite quote -soon to be a tattoo: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self discipline”-2 Tim 1:7.

Glad to get to know you David!

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