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Day of Infamy


Day of Infamy

Crossfit Garage, Crossfit Towne Lake – CrossFit

Todays workout is tribute to the men and women that lost their lives at pearl harbor in this day in 1941. It is very close to the WOD we are doing this saturday at the come but without the Partner carry

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Coach’s Choice (No Measure)

hit areas of body use in the strength/skill and WOD sections


Front Level practice (10 min. No measure)

Work through the progression coach gives you. There is no score, simply make notes of what variation you did.
Focus on lowering yourself as slow as possible from the inverted position. Start with legs in and work to harder progressions. Use rings or bars. If you are not able to invert your self simply do static holds with your knees/butt as high as you can.


Day of Infamy (no carry) (Time)

In teams of two start with one unloaded bar and complete:
12 S2O each (155/105)
7 Deadlifts each (315/185)
41 Sandbag Box overs total(70/40)
7 Deadlifts each
12 S2O each
This is a MALE/FEMALE WOD only. If there are an odd number of guys to girls, you can use a same sex partner.
You will only have one bar so you will have to switch out the weight between partners for the S2O and use the same bar for Deadlifts.

Cool down

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