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Did You Know?


Did You Know?

Did you know that your gym is also the the gym that spawned The Garage Games?  The largest CrossFit competition series in the world by number of events?  The Garage Games will run upwards of 150 events this year all over the country, and the World Wide WOD which has reached into six countries is held all over the world in a day… back at The Garage on August 10th.

You can follow The Garage Games on Facebook or on the WEBSITE.  What is really cool about the Garage Games, is that there is an opportunity for everyone to compete!  Check out the upcoming Festivus Games at our box on 4/13.

Check out this latest Facebook Update from The Garage Games page:

As we continue to push into new places and new levels of competition. We are reminded by the CrossFit OPEN that the reason is you. You Are The ONE.

The one what? What did you call me?

We are calling you the athlete. The competitor. The reason why the coach gets up at 5am to make the 5:15 class with their lids locked shut. Why they sit up on a weekend til 1am watching online video, and why they spend $500 on a certification class that nobody thinks is worth it (besides the coach because he has seen your technique).

And that coach could care less if you ever showed up to compete, as long as you were inspired, and you pushed to achieve new levels of you. Authenticity is realized, you find your real self, and in that you are set free. This is why they fight for you. It is because of you that they exist, and because of you that we exist.

So we ask you, don’t question, don’t hesitate, don’t give into your fears. Today is your day, and this is your moment. Be The One.


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