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Dirty South Regionals Update


Dirty South Regionals Update

So the Garage Team ended in 27th place overall.  The final day of Affiliate Team competition was tough on us, and the team put out a stellar effort.

The first WOD was the 5k team row.  You had th change every 500M, and you had to have each of the four people row at least once.  We decided that Geordan and Eric would be WOD’ng in the second event, so we had Wes as the key anchor for the row by pulling a total of 5 – 500M segments.  Eric pulled 3 segments, and Laura and Beth each pulled one.  Our hopes were to keep Eric, Beth and Laura fresh for the following WOD, which started 30 minutes after the row.

Wes averaged around 1:44 times on his segments, Eric 1:34, and each of the girls were under 2 minutes.  Our time had us high in the early standings, but as the lead teams heats came after ours, we dropped to 25th place.  Our transitions were good for the most part, but a few mistakes and perhaps some other strategic errors kept us back in the standings.

Wes Rowing 4 of 5
Wes Rowing 4 of 5

Within 30 minutes of completing event 1, we were off to event 2, which was seemingly designed as a WOD to favor The Garage.  Eric, Beth, Laura and Geordan stepped out onto the court to start with 60 front squats for each bar (145# and 85#), followed by a 200M farmer’s walk with 1 – 53# KB  each for the men and 35# for the women.  Followed that with a 200M run, then back to the bars for 60 each of push jerks.  All went well until about 20 reps in to this WOD.  Eric’s shoulder started to say “No Way”, and the rep counts dropped from five at a time, to three at a time.  Geordan began to struggle with multiple reps as well, as the sound of the judge saying “no rep” for just missing lockout, became a familiar sound.  The girls finished their bar and rested for over two minutes, as they waited for the guys to fight through their reps.

Off to another farmers walk and run, followed by dead-lifts.  And though the dead-lifts flew by with ease, the final farmers walk and run were too much to complete in time, so the team was given a time penalty based on reps left to do, and ending up in a six way tie for 30th place.  Being just a minute ahead of pace, we could have been in 20th place for this WOD.  The event was agonizing, but the team made a great showing given the injuries (Wes – elbow and knee, Eric – shoulder).  And the relative weakness in overhead strength compared to the field.

Now our eyes are set on what we can accomplish in a year, and as we look to the CF Games of 2011, we see a strong affiliate team, filled out with some of our newer members who could add a significant strength component.  We see potential for an individual competitor or two, and we see a great opportuinty for a masters competitor as well.  Thanks for all the support!

Farmers Walk - the women pushing the men
Farmers Walk – the women pushing the men


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