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Do the GA portion of the Appalachian Trail “AT”


Do the GA portion of the Appalachian Trail “AT”

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What to expect…. I have 2 minivans coming on the trip. This means I and Joel are the only ones guaranteed to have space in the car for our crap. If you intended to do this you need to think about helping us get support vehicles. Obviously 1 minivan w/o any seats can hold a lot of stuff, but if 30+ of us actually do this and we cant find easy lodging then we’ll need tents and those take up space. I’m also wanting to have a portable gas grill out there for hot dinner and breakfast. So we need cars.

Food is your problem. plan on easy to cook stuff and easy to store.

You will need to be ready to go Thursday night (hotel up there somewhere)
You will become a man starting at 7am Friday morning
You will hike 30miles a day in 3 days
you will sleep in a bag in a tent.
you will be hungry
you will be tired
you will be beat up and blistered
you will be passed by the old guy
you will be passed by the fat guy
you will see a bear and it will want your food
you will finish Sunday PM and have your wife pick your sorry butt off the ground and squirt you in the car.
you will tell her it was AWESOME
you will begin contimplating doing the whole AT or at least more of this next year.
you will be better for it all.

you need to be training NOW not in October. by then its too late. No one will wait for you, you will be alone on the trail and maybe in the dark

at a minimum you will need to have….
cell phone, camle pak for water and food, iodine pills to purify water, food, sleeping bag, flash light

consider bringing…
tent, pillow, change of clothes, socks, rain jacket, can of whop ass, poles, gun, whistle, advil, 2nd pair of shoes, duct tape, cash

this is NOT a sponsored trip. This IS a fun outing where you are responsible for yourself. There are no waivers. theres no way to quit. Once you start you have to finish. If you think you cant finish then you better plan on someone picking you up. I am not planning for that and I am not your mama.

if you want something easy go do spartan race or tough mudder. If you want to be a mountain man, grow hair on your chest, eat 4 dozen eggs, decorate with antlers, then plan on doing this crap like a champ!



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