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Facebook and Crossfit… changing lives?


Facebook and Crossfit… changing lives?

Lets try something…

if you are on facebook, then when its about time to go WOD put a note on FB saying something like “going to crossfit” or even “just did crossfit blah blah” after a wod … or anything really.

The reason is that for 3 days John simply put “headed to crossfit” on his wall and he just got a friend to say she’d try it out over in Bufford.  If we all mention daily for a week, I’m curious how much fitness we can push for our local and non local friends.  Could we change someone’s life for the better simple by posting on FB as a group and making it a “thing” out there for the world to see?

If you are game, then just do it.  For one week mention something personal about crossfit each day.   Lets see what happens


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