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Check your email for details:

Curtis – I will email you the Printers Contact Info for the media guides, and I will copy him on it as well.

Donovan – You are set with Andy

Desi – you just need to quit your job, or record yourself snoring and play that on your conference call training thingy… is it a team building exercise?

Tracy – I will email you and Laura (my wife… we talk by email during these GG times), about them.  If it is early enough (before kids naps) she will grab them, if they don’t finish them until later, your help would be great. 

Julie – I am emailing you the contact info for the Ultimate Sandbag people, and their flight info.

John – I would check with Andy, Shane or Wes to see if there is anything they might need in the AM.  Wes has a bunch of sandbags at his house that need to get to the Y.  Perhaps you could help him, we are talking about A LOT of sand.



And for anyone without any duties, go around the Competitor site, giving shout outs to all the Garage Athletes competing!  That would be cool, the other gyms are just sruching the support for one another.

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