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Garage Games Judges


Garage Games Judges

For all of The Garage members who are Certified Judges.  If you would like another pair of Inov-8 Judge shoes, you simply need to let me know!  Send me an email to and I’ll get you set up for a pair of red, f-lite 195’s for $55.

If you are not a Garage Games Certified Judge, and you would like to be, you can simply sign up here ($35), then as long as you are a volunteer for 2012, you can order these shoes for $55 with your receipt link, or I can help you.  Regardless, if you are a Garage Member, you just went from a “one pair per year limitation”, to “I am going to take care of you”.

Why all this talk?  Because we need judges and volunteers for Survival Of The Fittest on July 28th!

– Eric

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