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Garage Games ONE – need lead volunteers


Garage Games ONE – need lead volunteers

The event that started it all, will be Feb 11 and 12, 2012

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I’m looking for lead volunteers to help create a great successful event

If you are interested in helping by being a WOD Captain, Judge Coordinator , in scoring or parking and more, please reply to me.  You dont have to pick a spot now, we can talk to find the best fit.

The jobs will be pretty easy especially since you get to help me create the position.  You wont be asked to do anything you dont want to like make spot decisions or dead lift 600 pounds.  I’ll make it fun and do-able.

I need your body and your competence and I’d love to have your brain!  If you want to help figure things out like how a WOD will actually work or how parking will go etc, then I REALLY REALLY  want you.  If you simply want to be the “man” or “women” but let me do all the thinking, then I want you too!


Basic Details-

This year we plan on holding it in the Woodlands City park.  Its a park in the middle of my neighborhood.

Saturday Feb 11th – individuals

4 WODs

1 – smash the cinder block

2 – max lift

3 – trail run with a surprise in the middle

4 – chipper

5 – sled pull???

6 – sand bucket??

limit the number of registrations to 300??

each wod to be done in under 10 min in heats of 10-20


Sunday Feb 12th – Teams (2-4 people unsure of sex mix??)

4 WODs

probably borrow from other wods and have the trail run and smash event


We’ll have a tent, heat and potties

cool fleeces instead of shirts

we’ll buy lunch each day and snack foods each day for yall

there will be loads of divisions to create more winners

RX OPEN will be the “big show”


for score keeping we are working on an web app that will be driven by a smart phone

my brother is making it now

its pretty cake and dumps to a google doc where the scoring magic can be done


My list of Leaders so far:

mark – whatever
aubs – volunteer captain
wyndi – merch
curtis – whatever
renee – registration
desi – registration
steve – only saturday
jennifer watts – maybe
david havens – yes






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