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Become fit fast with hard work and huge power outputs.

Crossfit delivers fitness through intensity.  RX is fun to write down but RX will not get you fit as fast as intensity will.

*RX means doing exactly what is written for the WOD

We want to tap all 3 energy burning pathways and we want to produce fitness in you.  Crossfit does that through intense workouts that use common and functional movements.  One of Crossfit’s goals is to create WODs that push you to work intensly for a specific time frame.

FRAN =  2-3min, Murph = 20-40min, Helen = 7-10min, etc.

If you are pushing to get RX but it takes you an hour, then you are actually cheating yourself by not going with intensity.  What we all should be doing is looking at the WOD and creating a scale or modification that allows us to get through the workout with intensity at or near the level of the WOD was intended.

So why are the main site WODs so darn hard lately.  I have a guess at the answer (I am emailing HQ to find out for sure though)….  When CF HQ asks the winners of the “crossfit Games”, “What does your programing look like?”

The typical answer is something like “I do the main site WOD then I run a 10k then I do strength training.”

So basically the folks that WIN the Games are saying crosfit is only PART of what they do to be fit.  Crossfit wants all of what they do to be crosfit.  In light of this, they have made all the WOD’s hard enough for the elite world of Crossfit to hit the time frames they are looking for.

What that does to us non-elite, is force us to scale the WOD to hit the time frame HQ programmers are going for.

Scaling and Modifying and Subbing are aspects of crossfit that we all use on our journey to fitness.  Use it again to become fit even faster.

Embrace it.  Hit the time with INTENSITY.  Become fit fast with hard work and huge power outputs.


PS – this what you should look like after a WOD on most days

Fran visited us this week and left a path of destruction. Lots of PRs this week!

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