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Jennifer Watts


Jennifer Watts

Jennifer WattsMan was I unhealthy back in 2008! But, really I was even more unhealthy in 2004. However, 2006 was the year that I said enough was enough, so I thought. In 2006 went and joined the local globo gym. There I thought if I put in an hour 4 days week I could just keep doing things the same. Yeah that got a few results but not the right results. So, then I started seeing a trainer and eating frozen meals. But, let’s not forget about all the “rewards” I earned that erased the work I had just put in at the gym. I was on the globo gym hamster wheel going nowhere fast.

In late 2008 a trifecta of events occurred that lead me to Crossfit and specifically the Garage. I walked through the door of the Garage in November of 2008 and was barely recognized by my old friends Wes and Beth Harper. No matter how much work I had put in I still wasn’t doing so good. They showed me what Crossfit is. I immediately got it and loved the idea. By December I had tried it a few times and decided to make the full time change. I never had a problem with going to the gym or being active and competitive. Crossfit fed that drive that has always been in me. But, the big change that Crossfit made for me was nutrition. Nutrition was always something I struggled with and did not clearly understand. The damage to my body was 99% nutrition and only about 1% activity level. Crossfit taught me how to be accountable for what I was putting in my mouth and how that impacted my body and performance. So, when the competition of Crossfit and the support in nutrition of the Crossfit community came together I found myself in the most amazing place. My results have been through a lot of work that I put in however, it would have never happened without the Garage and the people who have all impacted my life.

The Garage has made a life long change possible for me.

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