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Keep Eating Twinkies


Keep Eating Twinkies

We are going to officially delay the Nutrition Challenge. It will now take place from October 8th to November 8th. Why? Because we want as many of you to experience the immense change of getting a handle on your diet and to have the biggest possible support group available while we get into this thing. If you are getting Dunked tomorrow that is fine, we will have the end of challenge testing in November though. So, you want in, what now?

– Join the Facebook group “The Garage Nutrition Challenge” (people that are in the group can add you)

– A new sign up sheet for body fat testing with the Dunk Truck will be at the gym soon. Look for that and grab you time well in advance. ($65 for two tests, before and after)

– Learn about the diet you will be doing. Links are in the upcoming events page

– Get your cameras ready because there will be before and after photos


So, if you were planning on getting lean this month, keep eating Twinkies.

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