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Lifting Class every Thursday


Lifting Class every Thursday

Thursday 6:30 PM the schedule says Oly Class and you scratch your head and say what is that?

And, then you come to class looking for the Workout of the Day then you see Jennifer, John, Paul and sometimes others doing lifting instead of the WOD.  That is the part where you should jump in and lift a little with us.

So, what are we doing?  Thursdays at 6:30 PM is your time to come in and get extra instruction on Olympic Lifts.  Jennifer is Crossfit Certified to teach Olympic Lifting.

What are the Olympic Lifts?
Clean and Jerk

But, wait!  Is that all Jennifer teaches?  No, she also teaches:
Deadlift and pulling from the floor
Front Squat as it is part of the clean
The Split Jerk
Overhead Squat as it is part of the snatch
Various components of the Snatch like the Snatch Balance

If lifts are slowing down your WOD, or if learning to be more efficient to lift heavier is your goal… coming to this class with help you.  This your time to get 1 hour worth of one on one skill work.  The class is open to all members old and new (Hint, new people.)

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