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Macy Lynn


Macy Lynn

macy lynn (2)Today’s Spotlight: Coach Macy Lynn!
If I could describe her in one word it would be joy! She has an infectious smile and is definitely a people person. She’s young and ambitious and a fierce competitor. She’s here to learn and get stronger and hopefully one day go to the games. But there is much more to her than her strength. Turns out she’s an artist. She does all kinds of art; mixed media, water color, acrylics, and even shells. In fact, once her boyfriend took her for a romantic walk on the beach. On the walk she saw two dead horseshoe crabs and gutted them immediately for a future art project. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty! Her grandfather has always been one of her biggest supporters. He has always believed in her. He would tell her to put 100% into all that she did, even on bad days. That’s how you reach your goals.
And what she has received, she’s passing on. Her role at The Garage as a coach enables her to believe and encourage other athletes. She wants to grow and take as many people along with her as she possible can! She has been on mission trips, served in homeless soup kitchens, and enjoys helping people become better versions of themselves. One thing she does not like: Pistols!macy lynn (1)

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