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New-ish Gym Rules


New-ish Gym Rules


We’ve put out our gym rules to you before but we’ve added to them and there are loads of new folks, so here they are again.


Class Outline & Standard Rules

– we will warm up, do skills/drills, and WOD as a class

– if you are late, then you miss out on whatever the coach has already covered

– if you decide to do your own thing instead of listening to the coach or following the class, then you’ll be coaching yourself too

– you need to build your bars and set up your area and then put it all back after you done.  If you need help, just ask

– coaches will focus on coaching (not clean up etc).  If you dont feel you are getting coached, then please say something.

– coaches will run class in a timely manner, start and finish on time.  If we are off schedule, please say something.


To prevent Staph etc Infections (we’ve never had a problem, but its better to be preventive)

– wash your hands before and after you WOD

– you must clean all the items you touched or sweat profusely on after each WOD with a provided cloth towel and vinegar windex spray.

– if you rip a skin but are not bleeding you can continue but you must tell a coach so no one uses your gear until you clean it (towel/vinegar)

– if you bleed you must STOP woding and clean (towel/vinegar) up the blood, gear, floor, and your skin.  If you can stop the bleeding you may continue.  If you can not stop it, then you must stop.  The cabinets above the sink by the kids side toilet area has all the first aid supplies.

– the mats will be mopped once a week with a vinegar or ammonia based solution

– the gym will be blown out twice a week.  The other areas are cleaned on a once/twice a week basis.


To prevent sick kid exposure

– if your kid is too sick for school, do not bring them to the gym

– if your kid has a fever or runny nose or threw up in the last 24hrs, do not bring them to the gym

– if you are a coach and your kid fits these rules, then get another coach to cover for you


Suggestions etc

– if you have questions, concerns, problems, success, etc that you’d like to share with us please do so.

– if you’d like to be a coach, then get crossfit level 1 & CPR certified and we will set you up with a “open gym time” or “coached class” that fits your schedule.

– If you’d like Shane, Wes and Eric to all shave their body hair, let us know.  Fortunately I am not so hairy so I’m already in style.


“The views and opinions expressed by Andy either verbally or in the written word are not necessarily, make that probably not, the opinions of Eric Richards, Shane Stewart, Wes Harper, or the Garage LLC.”

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