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New Years Eve Morning


New Years Eve Morning

9am – TEAM WOD!

OK, so here it is with the rules for teams of four, with hopefully a close split on women and men:

“Do Work”

Two people working out at a time, any two (not gender specific) in addition you can have someone running at all times who does not count towards the two people.  Which means you could have THREE people running at the same time, with the fourth person sitting and resting, not working (unless they are doing the short cut below).

Any Order
4 miles (all four members must run no less than 800M total – which could be broken up into two 400M runs)
100 2-Pood Kettlebell Swings
100 1-Pood Kettlebell Swings
100 Sandbag Squats – 40# (bag on shoulder(s))
100 Sandbag Squats – 20# (bag on shoulder)
100 Toes to Bar (2-1 knees to elbows with ACCEPTABLE form)
300 Push-Ups
50 Dumbbell Squat Cleans 35# (dumbbell touches the floor btw each rep)
50 Barbell Squat Cleans 45# (mid shin)
1600# Wall Ball clearing the ladies target


** You may pick one team member to perform 50 wall balls (20#/16# to the target), 50 pull-ups (4-1 jumping sub), 400M and 50 burpees by themselves (in order).  If you choose to do this, the team skips all of their kettlebell work.  While this person is working on the short cut, you can still have two other people working on the main WOD, as well as someone running.
Class Update

No 10AM class on Friday, no classes after 4PM… go have some fun!
No class on New Years Day

If you plan on making a class after the team WOD on Friday, post it here so we know what to expect, what to cancel, what to keep.  Thank you!

Laura B, David B, David H, Geordan (“Stacked”): 20:55
Jennifer L, Aaron L, Larry, Eric (“Team Lasenyck”): 27:52
Jamey, Nicole, Bruce, Josh, Jim (“Four guys and a girl”): 28:32
Andy, Adam, Chaz, Julie (“New guys”): 29:08
Mike, Chris, Jon, Wes, Angel (“4 Slower guys and a girl”): 30:10
Adam C, Jeff, Angela, Patti (“The Out Of Towners”):  30:59
Kelly, Mitchell, Jesse, Travis (“Fittest of The Bunch”): 32:28

Notable – the only team of four to do the Shortcut (and it obviously worked) was “Stacked”.  Also – teams of five were required to do the shortcut as well as all the work, but they had the additional person working once they got done with the shortcut… didn’t seem to matter much.

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