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Paul Parker


Paul Parker

paul_parker-246x460So it goes like this….

I’ve always had a bad knee due to genetics but I’ve had 2 scopes and 1 torn ACL. Then some screws came loose from my knee so had to had new ACL/screws again. The last knee surgery was microfracture. The doctor told me not to run anymore and I’m out to prove him wrong.
I loved Crossfit the first time I tried it but I was unsure (or perhaps uneducated) how it would improve other things I like to do like races. So when I saw some WOD improvements then started seeing race improvements, I was hooked. I can’t imagine training any other way. It’s helped my endurance during races but also strength (dawn and todd’s comments on hills being easier) as well as my mental strength to push through.
My friends think I’m nuts for some if the stuff we do in CF but I’m beating them in races. I used to hope to pace off them a few years ago but now I’m leaving them during the race. I dont always beat them but in the last 6 months, I’ve been winning pretty regularly.

Crossfit is my sole training method, and it works even on endurance.
Paul Parker

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