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Pricing Change


Pricing Change

Shane and Eric have been fiddling with pricing… an email or post like this will go out soon from one of them.

essentially the 3 month unlimited package’s discount will decrease by $10 from $375 to 385

for most of you this doesn’t matter 1 bit.

The other thing we are attempting to do is unscrew up our double discounting (buddy and bulk).   This was a mistake made one time that we just kept making.



the topic came up in my class today and I did not have a good reply, sorry.  Shane or Eric will email when they are ready.

It was also said that we are one of  the most expensive crossfit gym in Georgia… OUCH!!! (fortunately untrue)

I didn’t think that could be true so I did some checking via the main site.  Here is what I found


Costs at GA crossfit… $$$ for 1 mo unlimited and the number of gyms with that price
75$ – 1 Evans
95$ – 1 Macon
100$ – 2 Dahlonega, Savannah
120$ – 1
138$ – 1
150$ – 13
155$ – 2
170$ – 1
175$ – 2
180$ – 2
200$ – 1 – Albany (b/c everyone crossfits in Albany)
didn’t publicize – 9 (to me this is all sorts of bad… i know some folks like it b/c it forces a call but i just dont like the perceived bait and switch)
upfront charges – 6 (i’m sure i missed a few, but i’m sure of at least 6… each time you pause or quit you repay the charge) – all Sonz do this to benefit the quality of coaches


I’ll do a more in depth study later on.

but it seems we are right in the middle of it all.


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