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Promo Vid done


Promo Vid done

Its basically the same as the draft but has a few more of you in it.

I also wanted to point out all the folks that have been crossfitting a year with us this month and last

Justin Labrecque 8/2/2008
Jackie Stauder 8/12/2008
Geordan Ganka 8/27/2008
Faith Hartle 9/2/2008
Wyndi Beck 9/10/2008
Laura Battista 9/12/2008
David Battista 9/15/2008

and those that have been crossfitting through Dec 2008… your 1 year is coming

Verity McCann 11/1/2008
Donovan Conrad 11/17/2008
Jennifer Pressley 12/1/2008
Julie Jared 12/10/2008

If you could please write some words to comments about your experience with crossfit for 1 year.



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