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Shirt Slogan


Shirt Slogan

The buzz is all about due to the cool shirts we saw at the last quarterly event.  So we are going to attempt to come up with some of our own.  Please remember though that the owners try to keep the language clean at the gym and on the posting.  If you can be funny with out being foul, then its all the more witty.

So with that being said, add to comments your potential sologans BUT remember as in the gym working out keep the language and the “imagery” clean.

one of my favorites was “if crossfit was easy, it would be your mom”  but we wont make a shirt like that so dont bother adding it.

in the past we had these suggested.

  • Don’t use machines, become one
  • when all else fails, we don’t
  • Jerks, Snatches, and Good clean fun!  …. (this one might verge on bad imagery)
  • Can’t argue with results
  • routine is the enemy
  • the cure for the common workout
  • there is only stronger and weaker
  • when you come across obstacles, jump them
  • fitness is my sport
  • the non-conformists workout
  • the anti-gym
  • being weak is a choice, get strong
  • as RX’ed
  • your workout is our warm up
  • you may think you are fit, but are you crossfit
  • Got FRAN
  • we do the impossible
  • crossfit, a lot like cross stitch but with more puking

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