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Sugar is a harsh mistress


Sugar is a harsh mistress

I’m still not eating processed sugar or raw cane or honey or stevia or any of that crap.  All nutrition plans agree “dont eat sugar”.  So thats my plan.

Its been since 12/31/11.  I still have a craving now and again but I can solve that with fruit.  I do eat watermelon which is very sweet to me but doesn’t have sweetness added.  I will eat dried figs/dates now and then too.
Anyhow, my food has been no “added sugar” real/fake/substituted for 4months now.  I haven’t died.  I am still mostly normal.

Unintentionally I’m down 14 pounds from the start of 177 to 163, at my lowest.  Usually I hover around 167.
I am not eating grains either*.  This is just a test on grains to see what happens to me, not necessarily intentially paleo.
*during my 10 hour Adventure Race I did have unleavened bread muffins thinking I’d need the energy. But my primary food was a peanutbutter, coconut oil, banana, raisin, fig, combo gooey thingy. It was pretty good. I also had hardboiled eggs, turkey peperoni, bell pepper, orange, and i think thats it.
again I’m not dead.
I know the craving can be strong in all of us for that sweet fix but you are YOU, you are not your habbits or cravings. You control those not the other way around. Own YOU. You can do it.
on the man side of this, my strength is going up while my weight is down. And since I’m lighter I’m moving faster at WODs (mostly).

dump the sugar, fight the cravings, own your life!

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