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TEAM CHALLENGE This Saturday – 9:00AM


TEAM CHALLENGE This Saturday – 9:00AM

If you don’t know this is coming, your head has been in the sand… well actually, I have not been pushing it lately, so if you forgot, it is my fault.  Anyways, this weekend the challenge is here!

These are the current teams:

1.Garage Affiliate Team 1 – Eric R, Wes H, Laura B, Laura R – (DI)
2.Garage Racers – David B, Jennifer P, Bruce S, Carin M – (DII) Payment Needed
3.Garage Games – Mike M, Robert H, Aubrey C,  Justin C – (DII) Payment Needed
7.CrossFit Atlanta 1 – Mike G, Ken G, Leah P, Leah A – (DI)
8.CrossFit Atlanta 2 – Rob M, Jonathan H, Bethanie, TBD – (DI – ?)
9.CrossFit Asheville 1 – Katie N, Shanna D, Corey D, Chad C – (DI)
10.CrossFit Asheville 2 – Sean C, Thomas R, Robert F, Carly A – (DII)
11.CrossFit Asheville 3 – David H, Daniel S, Mike N, Lauren C – (DII)
12.CrossFit On The Move 1 – Vas, Billy, Danielle, Rebekah – (DI)
13.CrossFit On The Move 2 – Marie, Stefano, Alexis, Mike – (DII) Payment Needed
14. CrossFit On The Move 3 – Jeff, Wendy, Laura, Russ – (DII) Payment Needed
15.CrossFit On The Move 4 – Laura, Rachel, Liz, Toby – (DII) Payment Needed
16.CrossFit Canton 1 – Matt M, Angela D, Jenny G, Nate B – (DI)
17.CrossFit Canton 2 – Matt P, Laura K, Damien, Heather G  – (DII)
18.CrossFit Canton 3 –  Jeff R, Brandi F, Olivia, Kathleen K – (DII) 
19.CrossFit Canton 4 –  Jean P, Michelle Q, Sonia M, Ken G- (DII)
20.CrossFit Nocatee – Ben P, Heather H, TBD, TBD – (DI – ?)
21.CrossFit Peachtree Team GFYS – Taylor S, Sung K, TBD, TBD – (DI – ?)
22.CrossFit Addiction 1 – James H, Geof, Haley H, Angie – (DI)
23.CrossFit Addiction 2 – Bair, Allen, Andy, Amanda – (DI- ?)
24.CrossFit Addiction 3 – Brett, Ryan, Grett, Jess – (DI -?)
25. CrossFit Homeless – Brandon P, Matt L, TBD, TBD – (DI) -Payment Needed
26. CF Sandy Springs – Russ Y, Nate T, Chrissy B, Karin B – (DI)
27.  CF No Excuses – Brandon B, Brian S, Adrienne C, Sanjeeda B – (DI)
28. CF Perimeter – Brad M, Brian F, Jay H, Bret B – (DII)

I need competitors, if interested, please email me, if you are on this list and don’t want to be, please email me (, or comment to this post.


Wyndi – Director :  8:30 – 4:00PM
Justin – Assistant Director : 8:30 – 4:00PM
Renee – Registration/Merchandising : 8:30 – 2:00PM
Bill – Time Collector and Reporting : 8:30 – 3:00PM
Jennifer Shride – Wyndi’s Discretion: 9:00 – 4:00PM
Jeremy Cohan – Wyndi’s Discretion: 9:00 – 4:00PM

If you want to volunteer for part of the event, please email or comment to this post.

We will be purchasing some Water, Gatorade, fruit, and Beer (no, not for during the event) for the athletes and volunteers.

After party starts at 4:00PM, hang out and get to know your local CrossFitters.



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