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TEAM WOD – LABOR DAY – 9:30AM September 6, 2010


TEAM WOD – LABOR DAY – 9:30AM September 6, 2010

Aubrey is going to organize this mess, however there are no active coaches, so everyone pitch in to coach your team.  The Teams will be picked on site… to kill this mess of a WOD!

(multiply all work by number of people on the team)



You must complete the following first, with any split in work that you choose:

100 double unders (4x single sub)
50 – 45# Thrusters



Again, you multiply the following by each team member, BUT ALL WORK CAN BE SPLIT HOWEVER YOU WANT.

400M Run
15 – 65# Overhead Squats (no weight sub)
25 – Sit-Ups
10 – Toes to Bar (no sub)
20 – Pull-ups (jumping pull-ups are 4x for this WOD)
400# of wall ball to the GG/G, regardless of gender.  Pick the weight you want.

*you will want to put your technique skilled individuals on the OHS and the Toes to Bar

This is an AMRAP, you do the above for total rep count on the OHS, Sit-Ups, T2B, and Pull-Ups.  The wall balls and runs are considered per person, and are 1 REP count per run, or per 400# of wall ball.

This means that if a team of FOUR people complete 2 rounds and 60  OHS, 100 – Sit-Ups, 40 - T2B, 80 Pull-Ups, ALL the runs, and 900# of wall ball, then they get 2 rounds and 286 reps.  Which is the total of all the reps plus 4 runs, plus 2 wall balls.  THE POINT is, do your wall balls last for each round that is questionable if it will be finished.

The initial Buy-In exists for one reason… force you to rush through in order to get into the AMRAP.  Buy-In is typically a skill-set, so it tests the skills of your team.  Make sure each team has at least one person who can double under.  It is a skill that we have worked on A LOT lately, thus it is in the WOD.
Distribute bars evenly among teams, as well as ropes and wall balls.

Take good notes, you might need to prove that you actually got the reps and rounds that you claim.

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