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As I sit here in Daphne, AL smelling the wonderful food that has been prepared and listen to my family talk about what they are thankful for I can’t help but wonder. There is so much we have in our lives and so many things that have fallen into place to put us where we are on this day. To attempt to make of list of all the things we are thankful for would be a daunting task. That’s why I believe the most important thing you can do on this day is to thank God and the people he has put in your life. I truly believe that your energy is far better spent thanking the those that made that list possible than the actual list. So as you go through today and the ones that follow, as you suffer through each workout and fight to stay as good as possible in the midst of all the holiday temptations, be certain that you have made a difference not just on your own body but on so many people around you. Were it not for the dedication and caring you show, our community would not exist, this gym would not exist, and all of us whose lives revolve around driving you to the limit every time  you come through the door, would have ALOT less to be thankful for.

To be frank, you have allowed us to be not only be the most difficult but the best part of your day, and for that there is not enough turkey or PRs in the world to show our gratitude.

As we are always in a constant effort to make the best part of your day better, in the coming weeks we will be offering an outlet for you to give us ideas on how we can continue to improve. Please help us continue to grow the community by taking part in this survey.

Happy ThanksGiving from all of us!!

-Coach Justin and The Garage Crew

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