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“The Girls” – Garage Games Classic


“The Girls” – Garage Games Classic


The Girls is coming on October 20th to The Garage!  This event has opportunities for Beginners, Scaled and RX competitors.

You need to be able to do RX work like that in the girls WOD’s for the RX category – 95/65# Thrusters, pull-ups without
assistance, hand stand push-ups without assistance, 225/155# Dead-lift, 55/35# KB Swings, Double Unders, 135/95# clean

Scaled – take all weights down 20%, KB stays the same as well as pull-ups, and double unders become singles.

Beginner – take all weights down 35%, KB drops to 35#/20#, singles, jumping pull-ups.


Members use code GarageMem25 in the coupon code box to get yourself registered for $25!  (half price)

You get a t-shirt for that price too, so order now please, as we will stop counting t-shirts on 10/01, and though it is some
time from now, we don’t want you to forget!


Of course we need volunteers as well!

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