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Total Food Makeover


Total Food Makeover

Results don’t come from a pill, there is no magic WOD for changing body composition. The prescription for having a 500lb dead lift and 70 pull ups is the same as being fit enough to get off the toilet when you are 90 years old: clearly defined goals, focused effort, and support. The question becomes “where do I focus my effort?” The short answer is functional exercise and DIET. You can’t work out enough to overcome a poor diet. Did you hear that? No amount of hammer curls or crunches on a Total Gym will override the effects of eating junk every day.

Dr. Eric is hosting a 5 week Total Food Makeover that will provide you with the knowledge and support needed to change the way you eat and perform. The group will meet every Monday at 6:45pm starting January 23. Some of you know how life changing eating this way can be; this is the perfect time to get back on track after indulging  over the past few weeks and to bring someone with you that is in need of this kind of change.

Full details and sign up info here.


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