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Total Food Makeover NEXT MONDAY Night @ HealthSprout


Total Food Makeover NEXT MONDAY Night @ HealthSprout

You want Nutrition?  You want to understand why the HARD choices are the BEST choices?  You want to get what nut is better, what seed, what meats to eat and avoid?  Why too much PROTEIN is keeping FAT on your body?

40 Days of NUTRITION, NUTRITION, NUTRITION.   5 Weekly Monday night seminars at 7:00PM (come sweaty straight from the 6:30 class and you’ll be ok).  One workshop is a grocery store SHOPPING EXCURSION.

One week from tomorrow night we start with an intro class which will outline what we are going to accomplish in the next 40 days.  I guarantee there is not ONE of you who would not benefit from this, I know I will!

$40 gets you all workshops, one of three resources (Maximized Living Nutrition Plans book, 40 Day Extreme Makeover book, OR Body By God Recipe book), a T-Shirt, and life change.  By the end of this you will have lost fat, gained muscle, made nutrition decisions TEN TIMES easier, made your knowledge of nutrition go up IMMENSELY!  You will understand why Paleo makes sense, why the Healing Diet is probably the first step for anyone going Paleo, and why you haven’t been able to change until now.

IMPLEMENT, IMPLEMENT, IMPLEMENT!!!  That is what we are all about in the next six weeks!!!

You don’t need to pay up front, you just need to tell us you are coming!


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