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Instead of kicking out an email to everyone I’m going to try to use our blog and see how it goes.

– I’m pretty sure Matt is now loaded up full time at his gym and other responsibilities, and is done coaching at our gym.  So when you see him WODing thank him for the months of coaching!  Thanks Matt.

This wont change the classes for the next month.  But we have seen a large decrease in both the 5:30am and the 6:20am regular attendance, and if this continues we’ll push these 2 classes back together for a 6am start.

– please check the schedule and email us with corrected information.

– if you get an email of this blog post and dont want an email of this post, then you can turn off that feature.


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– Nathan made a first draft promo video before he left for his missions job in South America.  He is planning to finish this promo Vid asap, but in the mean time here is what we have.

– The topic of price was discussed in a few blogs below.  Check it out if you like.

– If you are a little confused on how to use our web site or just cant figure out how to change your avatar (the little picture on the left) then try this link

– lastly if you are interested in becoming a coach or holding an “assisted wod” class please email us

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