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Validating “The OPEN”


Validating “The OPEN”

The OPEN is a highly inclusive competition, and we would love for every single member of our gym to participate in it by signing up!

One thing that is obvious, is that The Garage is a gym about competition.  Whether it be Garage Games ONE, or any of the other 30 Southeastern Garage Games events this year; or the World Wide WOD online competition, to The OPEN… we love competition.  CrossFit fills the gap left by high school and college sports for many of us, and also allows opportunity to pursue new sport.  Take advantage of this, even if you think you don’t like to compete!


Every Thursday evening at 7pm, and Saturday at 11am.

We will try hard to staff these two times with coaches, but if the crowd gets too large some of you athletes will be asked to judge as well. The coaches that are there will know exactly what the standards are and will explain them again if needed. Post questions, and commitments, here. Now let’s get after it!

– The Coaches

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