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WOD – Friday, December 18,2009


WOD – Friday, December 18,2009

THE 7000# ANYHOW!!!

This is the WOD from Front Range Crossfit at the Rocky Mountain Regional Crossfit Games Qualifier.

For time:

From the ground to overhead anyhow.

7,000 lbs for the men, 5,000 for the women

The athletes are able to choose which weight they would like. Men’s options:
155 x 46 reps
135 x 52 reps
95 x 74 reps
75 x 94 reps


For Women, they must lift a barbell Ground to Overhead, in any way they wish, 5000lbs.

For the women, their choices break down to the following:
100 x 50 reps
85 x 59 reps
65 x 77 reps
55 x 91 reps


The barbell starts on the ground and must end up locked out overhead.  You can use any technique you want to achieve that.  We would prefer you use some type of clean and jerk or clean and thruster to achieve it, but it’s up to you!!

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