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WOD – Friday, February 11th, 2011


WOD – Friday, February 11th, 2011


20 wallball throws, 20 wallball cleans, 10 GHD situps, 100 singles, 1 rope climb


Set Up the entire WOD.  Practice the entire WOD at least 1 rep of each movement at least


Fight Gone Bad!

Three rounds of:
Wall-ball, 20 pound ball, 10 ft target (Reps)
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 pounds (Reps)
Box Jump, 20″ box (Reps)
Push-press, 75 pounds (Reps)
Row (Calories)

In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute.The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. On call of “rotate”, the athletes must move to next station immediately for best score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

Add your points and post them to comments.


Eric – 381, Aubrey – 243,  Laura B – 313, Justin C – 270,  Greg – 255, Beth – 264, Wes – 312, Laura R – 296, Jennifer – 237 (all from last time), Andy – 407


Cel is coming home in 3months

Cel is coming home in 3months

From Cel


Things are going good here. Getting real close to finish this tour. I have about 90 + days left on the calendar. Time has real flown bye quickly. yes, we went through that box about a month after we received it and thanks again. Since we are getting so close to leaving, I think we should be good. Okay just wanted to say whats up. Take care and will talk to you real soon.

Bye the way I have something for you and would like to send it to either your home or the gym. I had a flag flown for you and had a 3 star admiral sign a certificate to authenticate it. I also attached a pic of a black hawk in attack mode.

*** very cool.  we’ll be able to put up a battle flag in the gym! -A

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