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WOD – Friday, January 11, 2013


WOD – Friday, January 11, 2013

Kettle Bell swings – 2/1.5pd American

1-15 Breathing ladder

You will perform 1 KBS then set the weight down and take one breath. You will then perform 2 KBS, set the weight down, and take two breaths etc. The sets must be unbroken meaning you may not set the kettle bell down in the middle of your set.

If you fail to complete the required number of reps in a set without dropping the weight you will stop the kettlebell swings and begin doing 5 burpees for each round remaining.

If you are capable of safely swinging the rx’d weight more than once, go rx’d. Do not scale unless absolutely needed.

Focus on slow deep breaths.

This is not timed.


Here is a great video on breath training and its importance. (Ignore the single hand swing as we are using two hands)


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