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WOD – Friday July 3, 2009


WOD – Friday July 3, 2009

Thruster Hell

100 Thrusters 95# for men, 65# for women
Every minute, on the minute you must drop the thrusters and do 5 burpees, then return to your thrusters immediately to get to 100.  Start the workout with thrusters, initiate burpees at 1min.

Post time and total burpees to comments.

A thought on strategy… if you don’t push MAX intensity, you will get stuck in this WOD forever.  As you fatigue, you will be slower on burpees, providing less time to accomplish the thrusters, meaning you won’t ever get anywhere.   HIGH intensity is the only way to get done with this workout.

Party at the gym?
Rob (‘hoHawk’) getting it done!  You’ll want a keg of fluids after today’s WOD!


7/13-17 at least 2 coaches and maybe 3 will be on vacation at the same time.  We will adjust the schedule accordingly.  This will impact the 9:30/10:00AM class mostly.

7/20-24 we will have 1 coach on vacation for sure.  This shouldn’t impact the schedule


Do you remember when you became a member of the gym?  When is your first year of WOD going to be?

First Anniversary
Justin 8/2/2008
Jackie 8/12/2008
Geordan 8/27/2008
Debbie 9/1/2008
Faith 9/2/2008
Wyndi 9/10/2008
Laura 9/12/2008
David 9/15/2008
Verity 11/1/2008
Karen 11/7/2008
Donovan 11/17/2008
Jennifer 12/1/2008
Julie 12/10/2008

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