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WOD – Friday June 15, 2012


WOD – Friday June 15, 2012


20 Back Extensions (SLOW!)

20 B2B Squat Jumps, start and land in the bottom of the squat (no bouncing allowed, pause and stabilize before doing another rep)

10 minutes to practice Snatch


In teams of two:

12 minute Row for max meters

The partner that is not rowing must hold a bar at the top of a deadlift 135#/95# (overhand grip)

Switch as often as needed. You can help your partner get in and out of the erg but no progress can be made unless one person is secured in the rower and one is holding the bar.


“Have fun screwing up…it means you are removing your ego from the problem.” – Greg Glassman

Deena HSPU around the world

Deena HSPU around the world

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