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WOD – Monday, November 8, 2010


WOD – Monday, November 8, 2010


Run 400m, Burgener, 20 second Samson stretch


Coach ROM on each set of exercises during the WOD


Body Weight – MAX DAY

For Time or Reps:

Run 1 – 400M
Rest ~4 Minutes
Max Rep pull-ups (in 1 minute)
Rest ~4 Minutes
Run 1 – 100M
Rest ~3 Minutes
Max Rep Sit-Ups (in 1 minute)
Rest ~3 Minutes
Max Rep Squats (in 1 minute)
Rest ~3 Minutes
Max Rep Push-Ups (in 1 minute)

do a 500m row for time before you leave
Plan close to 40 Total Minutes of time

Record times and totals to comments.

** you do not have to rest exactly the times above.  Keep the class together so they all start the 1min at the same time.

Time Frame:



This week, Blast From the PAST… vids of YOU back then… what will 2011 hold… where are you NOW





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