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WOD – Saturday, January 12, 2013


WOD – Saturday, January 12, 2013

The World Wide WOD is happening today and even if you aren’t competing we are going to do the second WOD so come on out and get some!

“Karena”: 5:00 min time cap

Complete 60 situps as a “buy in” then wallballs till the clock runs out
Competitor chooses ball weight.
Throw to the normal marks (boys 10feet / girls 8feet)
There is no difference between RX, Scaled, and Beginner.
SCORE = wallball reps x ball weight

If competitor did not get to wallballs, then the score is ZERO
Any ballweight is allowed, you can not change once you start

Sit ups – abmats are fine. elbows touch knees with feet/heels on the ground (dont lift knees to meet elbows, its a situp) to shoulders and hands touching floor/abmat.  basically do a sit up.  Up and down full ROM.  No anchor or pinning of the feet.  No grabbing your thy.
Wall Ball – crease of hips below knees to ball at touches at or above the target height


Here is a video of all the standards for the event.

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