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WOD – Saturday, July 7, 2012


WOD – Saturday, July 7, 2012


Perform all work in order

2k Row  – rest 2 minutes

Dead-Lift – 225×2, 275×2, 325×2, 375×2 rest 45 seconds between each set of lifts and 2 minutes after the last lift (135/185/225/265)

2 Rounds:
15 Pull-ups, 25 double unders, 25 KB swings (1.5/1.0 pood), 15 push-ups

Record: 2k row time, DL Loads, Time for 2 rounds

Do you want to see how you stack up against your equals around the country?

The Festivus Games are coming to The Garage on August 4th.  And we would love for everyone who does WOD’s less than RX’d to compete!  There is a division for everyone.  The Nationwide Intermediate class will be WON by someone who can smoke a bodyweight WOD with the best of them, but doesn’t throw up 30 – 135# clean and jerks in sub 2 minutes, and doesn’t smirk when 405# Dead-lifts are thrown in for reps.

(Yes this competition, though small scale in its local application, is actually a national competition, where the results of each local comp will be compared nationally!)

So check out the DIVISION classification for Beginner/Novice, and Intermediate.  Then get registered now!  This is coming on August 4th, to The Garage!

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