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WOD – Sunday, December 5, 2010


WOD – Sunday, December 5, 2010

Five rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
135 pound Thruster, 7 reps

Ken Gall 11:45, Tommy Hackenbruck 11:45 (thruster behind the neck), Pat Padgett 11:48, Kevin Montoya 11:56, Austin Malleolo 12:03, Dave Lipson 12:50, Michael Giardina 12:51, Chris Spealler 12:52, Kristan Clever 13:36 (95lbs), Rebecca Voigt 13:55 (95lbs), Katie Hogan 14:42 (95lbs), Heather Bergeron 15:28 (95lbs).
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For a legitimate box jump the hips must travel at least as high as when standing on the box.

WOD Demo with Chris Spealler – video [wmv] [mov]

Michael Giardina and Ken Gall on today’s WOD – video [wmv] [mov]

Austin Malleolo on today’s WOD – video [wmv] [mov]

Heather Bergeron and Dave Lipson on today’s WOD – video [wmv] [mov]

Rob Orlando modifies today’s WOD – video [wmv] [mov]

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