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WOD – Sunday, July 12, 2009


WOD – Sunday, July 12, 2009

10 Rounds

100M Sprint

Post time for all rounds to comments.


Heavy deads for reps builds your max the fastest.

The 10 – 100M sprint WOD is one of the most difficult to complete at intensity.  If you give your max effort on EVERY round, make note of it.  If you find yourself giving less than 100%, you are part of the majority.  Repeat sprints build your capacity for intensity at exhaustion.


After watching video of the affiliate cup, I am confident that we could have had a top twenty team in this year’s games, and if we see the gains we expect in our athlete’s in the next year, this could be a top five team we put together.  If you hear me scream at you, and call you a sissy in the middle of a WOD… I apologize in advance, I just want to win.  – Dr. Eric
Today’s WOD’s at the games:  1- Snatch, 1 Rep Max (given time to get your best rep accomplished), WOD 2 – AMRAP 4 handstand push-ups, 8 KB Swings (75/55), 12 GHD sit-ups (hands to ground and to middle bar).  WOD 3 to be announced.

If you didn’t catch this on your own, this is an 8 WOD competition this year, up from 4 last year.  This is a significant change, and it has whooped a bunch of folks.  Jason Khalipa is in 1st place after WOD #2 (winner from last year).  The strength required for the 505# (sorry about stating it as 515# yesterday) and the max snatch (Jason did 225 – 240# was the highest), is the single biggest obstacle for most.  Speal did not make it through, as he dropped very low in the standings at WOD#2, and couldn’t make it up.

Last WOD coming up soon!

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