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WOD – Thursday December 31, 2009


WOD – Thursday December 31, 2009



Five Teams of Four+ will complete:

Phase 1: Work can be completed by any team member in any order, and all working at the same time, BUT you cannot move to phase two until phase one is complete.  You will only have two bars.

Per team member:
30 – Power Cleans (135# male/ 95# female)
50 – Burpees
50 – Knees to elbows (less than strict is a 2-1 penalty)

Phase 2: Work must be done by each individual team member in this order.  The first team member to complete his/her workload, can begin helping an individual teammate in reverse order (last exercise first).  As additional team members finish they can also help accomplish the last work for anyone else not completed.  Everyone can be working at the same time throughout the entire phase in this fashion.  Move on to phase three when everyone is done with phase two.

Per team member:
2 Rounds
400M Run
20 Push-ups (2-1 penalty from knees)
40 Sit-ups
60 Squats

Phase 3: Move your team out to the “0” mark on the pavement.  One at a time sprint to the 100M line and back (approx. 140M total from this point), the next person does not leave until the previous person crosses the “0” line.  Each person sprints twice.  Once the last person crosses the finish line, then begin working on a team total of 600 double unders.  4-1 penalty on singles.

(Teams with less members will be required to do additional running to make up for smaller team size.  Teams with more members will be given 150 additional double unders per member beyond four)


Here is the kicker.  During the entire workout your team will need to carry the 80lb sandbag from the “0”line to the 100M mark and back, two times.  Your team will also need to flip one of the smaller tires so that it is completely beyond the second dumpster and back to the “0”, one time.

There will only be one sandbag, it is first come first serve.  At 3-2-1-GO, nobody will be allowed beyond the garage door as a starting position.  The sandbag will be out on the pavement, and both tires will be set up.  You can sprint to the sandbag in hopes of getting there first, and getting it out of the way early, or you can hope there is time later to do it, without waiting around.  Once you are carrying a sandbag or flipping a tire, it will be a team priority.  If your team is caught resting with a sandbag or tire not at the “0” mark, then you will be penalized 10 seconds for every infraction.  Resting more than 2 seconds without holding the sandbag, or attempting to flip a tire constitutes an infraction.  This does not mean the whole team has to stand around watching, it only means you better be certain you have the right person or people handling these objectives.  You can split the two sandbag carries up so that they occur at entirely different times.

 This is gonna be fun!


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